Dr. Nieca consults with colleagues at NYU Women’s Health Luncheon

Dr. Nieca speaking to colleagues at NYU Women’s Health Luncheon.


Dr. Nieca Goldberg has revolutionized cardiac health awareness and the need to customize health care for women. Her vision has transformed her to the forefront of healthcare education, and as a nationally acclaimed expert on television, radio and print.

Dr. Nieca is also the ultimate energizer, motivating and educating women—and men—about cardiovascular health from the perspective of  a cardiologist, clinical associate professor of medicine, author, radio host and public speaker.

In her first book, an award winning best seller, Dr. Nieca declared “Women Are Not Small Men.” To get an education, to get motivated, and to be entertained along the way, book Dr. Nieca for your next event. She speaks from the heart, with warmth and humor with the weight of insightful medical wisdom.


Representative Sample of Speaking Engagements

  • Women’s Health Symposium,
  • Go Red for Women, American Heart Association
  • Cigna Health Equity Event at the New York Botanical Gardens
  • Cal A Vie Spa 3-day Seminar Series

Speaking Topics:

  • Women and Cardiovascular Health – Dr. Nieca lays out cardiovascular health needs for women.
  • Exercise: A Prescription for Women’s Health  – Exercise is good for far more than maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Navigating Healthcare in the 21st Century – Dr. Nieca offers a primer for navigating health care options

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